Melee skills – is the weapon you can’t see, until it strikes you, and you can’t take away while your enemy is still alive.

-A.A. Kadochnikov

Melee fight STTS – the skill complex for non-armed combat, based on hitting the most vulnerable points, arm and leg twists combined with throws, grips and choking techniques.

Melee fight STTS includes:

- Self-defense theory and tactics.
- Self-defense using knives and nearby objects that can be used as a weapon.
- Special stances and moves, acrobatic elements.
- Hits and moves designated to throw the opponent off his balance. Grips and chokes and ways to escape them.
- Defense against an armed opponent, securing your weapon and counter-attack skills.
- Self-defense under unfavorable tactical and positional circumstances(limited space, bad lighting).
- Self-defense in vehicles.
- Psycho-physical training.
- Cooperation in a melee fight.

Personal safety – identifying factors and circumstances affecting the threatening situations, and developing precautionary measures decreasing the risk of the threatening situations. Identifying and preventing situations that put someones life, physical or mental health, or freedom at risk.

Theory and tactics of Personal safety:

- Safety standards.
- Precautionary measures.
- Identifying the danger of tracking and framing.
- Personal safety in public places.
- Personal safety while abroad.
- Personal safety in a vehicle.
- Safety measures applied at home.
- Safety measures for persons working in high-risk environment.

The courses are developed to learn real self-defense skills in the shortest time. Based on simple principles and instinct moves, it enables trainees to be able to defend against attackers even when under shock. Trainees’ skill level is tested prior to the program being developed to fit each individual.

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