Bodyguard training

The KGB agents are by far, the most competent and secure bodyguards out of all the foreign specialists – outstandingly trained and ready to protect their clients under any circumstances.

- Leroy Thompson “The bodyguard manual” (reverse translation)

A bodyguard – a person responsible for life and safety of “special interest” persons, being under the threat of being attacked (politicians, government leaders, celebrities, witnesses, etc.)

The subjects being discussed:

- Special training and tactics for government and business officials’ bodyguards.
- Selection and educational methods, requirements for mental and physical health and special training.
- Planning and organizing safety measures for government and business officials.
- Identifying the required expenses and forces needed.
- Managing the safety operations.

The programs are designed for:

- Bodyguard.
- Close Protection.
- VIP Protection.

The trainees’ qualifications are being tested before the program is customized.

The seminars will cover:

- Developing and implementing programs and strategies for private security groups.
- Identifying the signs of a terrorist attack, strategy and tactics.
- Special tactical training.
- Firearm training – tactical shooting.
- Operative-technical training.
- Melee fight ans special physical training.
- CPR basics.
- Firefighting basics.

We are ready for any form of cooperation all over the world within international law.