Tactical shooting

“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”

- Colonel J. Cooper

Tactical shooting STTS – the basics and strategy of a firefight in extreme circumstances. Based on psycho-physyology, bio-mechanics and modeled attack and defense situations. Divided into Civilian(self-defense) and Special components.

The programs are developed according to requirements of the Russian Federation, with consideration of technical capabilities of various weapon types and trainees’ qualifications.

The firefight training course includes:

- Safety standards.
- Managing potential firearms problems (misfires, etc).
- Target priority(depending on the danger grades), defying distance to your target, setting an aiming point, and firing methods.
- Identifying the signs of enemy presence.
- Short distance and point-blank firing.
- Firing without aiming devices (at random).
- Motion shooting, firing at sudden and moving targets.
- Firing in limited visibility (night time, artificial lighting of the target).
- Ways to fire after physical activity, under the time limits.
- Firing at hidden targets and target taking cover inside buildings.
- Firing from a moving vehicle.
- Combining firefight and melee fight skills.
- The use of enemy weapons against the enemy.

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